NEWS. Biennale internazionale di opere di carta. 5^ edizione | International Biennale Of Paper Works. 5th edition

as FRAGILE as paper

Courtesy Image of Biennale internazionale di opere di carta | 5^ edizione. AS FRAGILE AS PAPER

Decembre 16, 2021 – February 27, 2022 >>EXTENDED UNTIL March 27, 2022
Museo Civico Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio (VI)
Curatela di Valeria Bertesina
Co-curatore per la Romania Ovidiu Pecta
Collaborazione e Organizzazione Liana Ferretti – Ufficio Cultura Comune di Schio
Richiesto Green Pass Rafforzato

The entrance is submitted to the payment of a ticket.

From October 23, 2021, to February 27, 2022, Museo Civico Palazzo Fogazzaro in Schio will host the fifth edition of the international Biannual Exhibition of Paper Works (Opere Di Carta), a collective exhibition of contemporary art. The exhibition will present the works of about 80 artists from all over the world and special attention will be devoted to this year guest country, Romania, with names selected by Ovidiu Petca.

as FRAGILE as papaer

We sought to give this fifth edition of the ‘Paper Made’ Biennial a title with a broad scope, one that could be modelled freely by the creative approach and thought of the artists.
So the bare bones of these few lines below are designed to merely hint at the endless possibilities lying behind a door those artists are called upon to open wide onto a lush garden of ideas.


as Fragile as paper


Focusing on the second term of the simile, the artists can concentrate on the material qualities of paper, the material that may provide a support or shape for the works of the exhibition: essentially fragile and insubstantial, yet at the same time ecological, versatile and ductile; able to create multiple illusions and assume numerous ethical, social and environmental implications.
The accent on the adjective (but who or what is fragile?), is designed, on the other hand, to stimulate the artists’ train of thought on a topical theme in art and literature the fragile nature of human existence – and to bring a new twist through the second term of comparison (in which paper replaces, for example, grass, or ashes), and through the reminder that an epidemic can wipe out, in an instant, the centuries that separate us from the danse macabre of the Middle Ages.
This new awareness has broken into the sense of impunity and omnipotence of Man and of a model of civilisation that placed their trust in the short-sighted vision of individualist utilitarianism and the indiscriminate – and ultimately self-defeating – exploitation of the planet’s resources.

Courtesy Image of Biennale internazionale di opere di carta | 5^ edizione. AS FRAGILE AS PAPER

If the subject this fragility qualifies remains indeterminate, it may even be possible to move beyond the anthropocentric perspective towards a wider number of subjects, in a plainly ecological and eco-critical perspective, in relation to which the whole fabric of relations among the living – and between the latter and the increasingly small, close-knit, ecological niche that is the global village – appears both fragile and incredibly rich.
Standing on the threshold of the door, might it not be wise to acknowledge the full extent of this fragility, so that, like paper, it can take us down marvellous, uncharted paths? Might that awareness indeed be the only possible road to happiness?

The entrance is submitted to the payment of a ticket.

Organized by Schio Municipality (VI), curated by Valeria Bertesina e and co-curated by Romania Ovidiu Pecta.


the exhibition will open on October 23, at 4 pm, with entrances staggered at 4 pm, 4.45 pm, 5.30 pm, 6.15 pm, subject to space availability.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The opening ceremony of “Di Carta / Papermade” is scheduled for October 23 at 5.30 p.m. in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall with the artists and the authorities.

The entrance is submitted to the payment of a ticket.


Museo Civico Palazzo Fogazzaro – Via Pasini, 44, Schio (VI)

ANTI COVID-19 measures

From January 10, 2022, the entry to any exhibitions and museums is submitted to the exhibition of the Super Green Pass (depending on the museum/gallery rules maybe the exhibition of your ID card will be required too). These provisions will not apply to children under 12 years of age and those exempt on the basis of appropriate medical certification.
Wearing a mask is compulsory (surgical or N95); visitors will have their body temperature checked at the entrance with a non-contact thermometer. Visitors must wear a mask (surgical or N95); at the entrance, visitors will be subject to a body temperature check using a non-contact thermometer. If the temperature is greater than or equal to 37.5°C, entry will not be permitted; it is recommended that contact with common surfaces (railings, handles, etc.) be limited to an absolute minimum; it is necessary to avoid touching the eyes, nose, mouth and, in general, the face with the hands; it is recommended to sanitize your hands using appropriate alcohol-based disinfectants.


Ticket: € 6,00
Reduced price ticket: € 3,00 (Schio residents, young people up to the age of 25, groups of at least 15 people)
Free for children up to 10 years old

Free entrance (with 2 carers for class)
guided tours per student – teachers and accompanying people free of charge

Guided tours including entrance fees:
Ticket: € 8,00
Reduced price ticket: € 5,00


Museo Civico Palazzo Fogazzaro

International Biennial Exhibition of Paper Works

What if, on the threshold, it is good to recognise the full extent of fragility?

Biennale internazionale di opere di carta
5^ edizione. FRAGILE COME CARTA | International Biennale of paper works. 5th edition. AS FRAGILE AS PAPER

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