Curtesy Image of ARTIKA | Steve McCurry. Icons.

October 6, 2021, to February 13, 2022 >> EXTENDED UNTIL 13th MARCH 2022

Palazzo Sarcinelli, Via XX Settembre 132, Conegliano (TV)
Reinforced Green Pass
Curated by Biba Giacchetti
Exhibition organized by ARTIKA
In collaboration with Sudest 57 and Città di Conegliano

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Steve McCurry. Icons present, for the first time in the region of Veneto, a selection of 100 photographs, providing a complete representation of his particular style. The exhibition shines light on the great photographer’s many artistic and reportage experiences, starting with his first historic trips to India and Afghanistan.
Through his distinctive camera lenses, Steve McCurry focuses on the subject’s humanity. With his shots, he reveals the human face lurking in every corner of the Earth, even the most dramatic ones.
Curiosity is the driving force behind his research, pushing him to cross all physical, linguistic and cultural borders.
With his photos, McCurry allows us, visitors, to cross frontiers and get to know many aspects of a world destined for great changes.
The exhibition hosts his greatest icons: famous portraits, images of war and choral moments in which the characteristics of non-western cultures are best expressed. His photographs are images of pure poetry, capable of arousing us in our suffering and joy, astonishment and irony.




Born in Philadelphia’s suburbs, McCurry studied film and history at Pennsylvania State University. After several years as a freelancer, he travelled to India. With little more than a backpack for his clothes and another for films, he made his way into the country, exploring it with his camera. After many months of travelling, he found himself crossing the border into Pakistan. There, he met a group of Afghanistan refugees, who allowed him to enter their country illegally. Since then, McCurry has continued to take breathtaking photographs on all six continents. His work tells us about conflicts, disappearing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary cultures, but always keeping the human element at the centre.
McCurry has been the recipient of some of photography’s most important awards, including the Robert Capa Gold Medal, the National Press Photographers’ Award and four times has been awarded first prize in the World Press Photo competition.

Sharbat Gula

The photograph that Steve McCurry took of the young girl, many years before he knew her name, has become a symbol of the tragedy of Afghanistan and the dignity with which its people have faced war and exile. An image captured in one of the most inhospitable places on earth, a refugee space. By depicting this painful place, McCurry wanted to make readers aware of the atrocities committed there and the precarious conditions in which a part of humanity finds itself. The snapshot was taken in Pakistan, near Peshawar, and first published in 1985.


Steve McCurry manages to express the full power of his style when he engages in the genre of portraiture photography.
Each of his photos tells us a story that communicates the complexity of an entire context.

Cured by Biba Giacchetti. Exhibition organised by ARTIKA, in collaboration with Sudest 57 and Città di Conegliano.

Curtesy Image of ARTIKA | Photo by SteveMcCurry | Steve McCurry. Icons.


From October 6, 2021, to February 13, 2022>> EXTENDED UNTIL 13th MARCH 2022
Wednesday to Friday: 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10 am to 7 pm.
(The ticket office closes 30 min. before)

The entrance is submitted to the payment of a ticket.

Curtesy Image of ARTIKA | Photo by SteveMcCurry | Steve McCurry. Icons.


Palazzo Sarcinelli, Via XX Settembre 132, Conegliano (TV)

The entrance is submitted to the payment of a ticket.

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Courtesy ticket: € 2.00 for disabled people.


It conveys us the human face that is hidden in every corner of the earth.

Biba Giacchetti & ARTIKA.

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