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December 13, 2021 – February 05, 2022
Studio la Città, LUNGADIGE GALTAROSSA 21, 37133 VERONA (VR)
Entrance by reservation only
Reinforced Green Pass
Organised by Studio la Città and Officina Dario Pegoretti

Uniqueness, quality and craftsmanship are the principles that come together with as many specific artistic features in OUT OF THE FRAME. An exhibition organised by Studio la Città and Officina Dario Pegoretti that, starting on December 11, will be held at the exhibition venue in Lungadige Galtarossa, Verona, and will involve four international artists: Arthur Duff, Muriel Gallardo Weinstein, Jacob Hashimoto and Emil Lukas.

Passion will be the common denominator of two worlds apparently complete opposites: the artist’s passion for the bicycle and the passion of Officina Pegoretti for the uniqueness of the product. The result is an exhibition intimately linked to Dario Pegoretti‘s vision, to the homo faber who loves art at 360° and to the “out of the frame” person that few people know. Inside the exhibition space, the four internationally well-known artists show themselves “out of the frame”, testing themselves for the first time on an unconventional support, that of the frame.

All of them are unique pieces: three complete bicycles painted by Studio la Città artists – Gallardo, Hashimoto and Lukas -, two customised frames by Arthur Duff and Emil Lukas respectively, and a selection of Dario Pegoretti branded bicycles. Alongside the colourful world of two wheels, the exhibition will be enriched with works by the artists involved, in a lively dialogue of styles, forms and materials. Jacob Hashimoto will present his well-known wall-mounted works, where collage-decorated kites are layered to create lively landscapes, while Chilean artist Muriel Gallardo Weinstein will display her equally colourful fabric weavings in a composition of suspended and wall-mounted baskets. One wall will be dedicated to Emil Lukas‘s new series entitled “Lost Photograph”: 9 small new works in which fly larvae, acting as brushes, have marked their traces on sheets of glass. Arthur Duff‘s selection of works on show will include some knotted compositions and a new print on MDF dedicated to the matrix of the loom made for Officina Dario Pegoretti. An absolute novelty will be a video section dedicated to some short films made by the young English director Frederick Shelbourne, creator of films for innovative global brands. Shelbourne has accompanied the Pegoretti workshop over the years, succeeding in conveying its values with irony, thanks also to skilful use of storytelling. In addition to the screening of DREAM ON and LIVING COLOUR (dedicated to Emil Lukas’s frame), the opening will also see a preview of OUT OF THE FRAME, the new film about the link between art and cycling.
It takes foresight in our moment in history to ring your neighbour’s doorbell and decide to “contaminate” each other. And this is a courageous exhibition that aims at a quality that remains quality while embracing different areas. The Gallery and the Workshop are both located in Verona, in the so-called Area Galtarossa, an industrial area where the former railway workshops once stood. Here, over the years, artists have come to know and admire the work of Dario Pegoretti and today, three years after his death, they are giving new life to the production of the workshop, which has now become a true brand.
Jacob Hashimoto and Emil Lukas, who were particularly close to Dario, left the historic workshop team two painted frames as a tribute and source of new inspiration. The wish of the artists has then become concrete in the continuation of the activity wanted by its founder: to continue the work of Dario and build bicycle frames with the same mastery in the execution, passion, ingenuity and creativity that have distinguished and made famous the product Pegoretti in the world.

Officina Dario Pegoretti




Originally from Trento and now based in Verona, he was one of the world’s most appreciated frame builders. As a subcontractor, he built bicycles designed to race champions such as Pantani, Indurain and Cipollini, but his products were true artistic creations inspired by the forms of Rothko, the graffiti of Basquiat, the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock and the free and gestural abstraction of Mathieu. His frames earned a place in design museums and became collector’s items.
After his passing in 2018, the “Bottega” continues to be inspired by his unique vision of life, and today the workshop remains a place for those seeking unique products built with precision, quality and timeless style.

who am i









Born in Wiesbaden in 1973, after living in the United States, his parents’ homeland, Korea, Germany and Japan, he settled in Italy. He currently lives and works in Vicenza and teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and Boston University. Since the late nineties he has been present as a visual artist in the Italian and international contemporary art scene. In 2010 he won the 2% prize at MACRO in Rome with the ROPE project. In recent years he has created numerous works on an urban scale, participating in major group exhibitions.


Born in 1980 in Santiago, Chile, he lives and works in Berlin. Her works have been exhibited in major museums in Europe, the USA and South America, notably the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, the Florence Biennale, the ZK / U in Berlin, the Chilean Cultural Center for the Arts in Santiago, Chile, and the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. In the production of his works, the artist has a habit of walking, collecting, classifying and reorganising. A method that tends towards the symbolic appropriation of different spaces in the world.


He was born in Greeley, Colorado in 1973 and graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago. He lives and works in Ossining, New York. His works have been exhibited and are part of important museum collections both in Italy and abroad including MOCA and LACMA in Los Angeles, MACRO in Rome, Fondazione Querini Stampalia and Museo Fortuny in Venice to name a few. Using sculpture, painting and installation, Jacob Hashimoto creates complex worlds through a range of modular components: bamboo and paper kites, model boats, even blocks covered in artificial grass.


Born in 1964 in Pittsburgh, he lives and works in Stockertown, Pennsylvania. He has had major solo exhibitions in museums such as The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut, The Weatherspoon Museum in North Carolina and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. His work has been shown in group exhibitions at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto and The Drawing Center in New York. His works can be found in important private and public collections, in Italy in particular the Panza di Biumo Collection, the Benetton Collection and the Zegna Collection.

Organized by Studio la Città e Officina Dario Pegoretti.

Catalogue available in the exhibition, produced in a special format inside a musette bag designed by Jacob Hashimoto.
musette bag (cycling refuelling bag) designed by Jacob Hashimoto.

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Courtesy Image of Officina Dario Pegoretti & Studio la Città | OUT OF THE FRAME.


TUESDAY / FRIDAY 9 – 13 AND 14 – 18 SATURDAY 9 – 13
Guided tours by prior arrangement
Green pass required
OPENING : 11 DECEMBER 2021, 11:00 A.M.


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Studio la Città, LUNGADIGE GALTAROSSA 21, 37133 VERONA (VR)

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ANTI COVID-19 measures

Anti-covid-19 measures will be applied. All national and regional rules will be enforced at the event.
In order to enter the gallery rooms and visit the exhibition it is mandatory to show your Reinforced Green Pass.

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Uniqueness, quality and craftsmanship.

Studio la Città & Officina Dario Pegoretti

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