Courtesy Image of Venetofotografia APS | SUI CONFINI | ON BOUNDARIES.

From 18/12/2021 To 02/01/20221
Museo Santa Caterina – Square Botter Mario 1,  Treviso (TV)
Entrance ticket 3 €
Green Pass required
Organised by: Venetofotografia APS with the patronage of the Municipality of Treviso and its Civic Museums.
Curated by: Collin Dutton
Recommanded to: Photography lovers; innovative projects enthusiasts: people interested in arts in general.

December 29, 2021.

The collective photographic exhibition, inaugurated on December 18th in the Foffano room of Santa Caterina Museum in Treviso, is the crowning achievement of the annual project curated by Colin Dutton, photographer for international companies and magazines. Colin Dutton was born in London, graduated in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, then moved to Italy twenty years ago. The exhibition is organised by Venetofotografia APS and sponsored by the Municipality of Treviso and its Civic Museums.

Courtesy Image of Musei Civici Treviso | Museo Santa Caterina.

Museo Santa Caterina is one of the venues of Treviso’s civic museums. St. Catherine of Alexandria’s Convent and Church were built in the middle of the fourteenth century by order of the Servants of Mary, on the remains of the palace owned by the Da Camino family, which had been burnt down in a revolt. In 1772 the convent was closed down, and the buildings were converted into barracks or military warehouses. After the restoration of the entire complex, coordinated by Mario Botter, which brought to light 14th- and 15th- century frescoes of inestimable value, the building was destined to house archaeology and ancient art civic collections.
Access to the architectural complex and the hall is also easily possible for people with reduced mobility. 
Inside the museum building, there is also a free Baby Pit-Stop where mothers can freely breastfeed their babies.

Courtesy Image of Virna Manattini | SUI CONFINI | ON BOUNDARIES.

“Sui Confini” (“On Boundaries”) gathers works from twenty-nine photographers in the Foffano room of Museo Santa Caterina in Treviso city centre. Each piece is separated from the others to be clearly read by anyone who enters. In addition, each artist on display has been allowed to explain the reflections they have developed during their research into the conception of borders by a text affixed to the side of their works. In this way, the different photographic styles are emphasised and enriched by interwoven meanings as one walks through the room.

Courtesy Image of Virna Manattini | SUI CONFINI | ON BOUNDARIES

These photos are part of a project curated by Collin Dutton, which aimed to open up a reflection on the perception of borders and how the pandemic has affected them. This research seeks to revisit photography by experimenting with a new communicating way. Through the images, we consider the relationship that each person has woven with everyday life, nature, the community and the world they live in. This exploration is brought back into shared artistic research that speaks to different people’s plurality.

The exhibition doesn’t bring together the complete works of all the participants. Still, you can see them in their entirety by simply scanning a QR code placed at the end of the presentations displayed to explain the works. This virtual space does justice to the long work behind “Sui Confini” (“On Boundaries”), which the president of Venetofotografia APS, Manuela Gennburg, explains as follows:

“At the beginning of this new millennium, it seemed that all the old borders were collapsing: Geographical, economic, informational and communicational borders. We were talking about a future without limits. Instead, after 20 years, due to reasons of security, health or privacy, it seems that the world is closing in with new limits and new walls. The pandemic has offered us a moment of pause and reflection. Reflection on ourselves, our home, work, and relationships with nature and other people. This photographic project was born during the lockdown, and the images presented result from a year of intense research into photography”.

Manuela Gennburg – President of Venetofotografia APS
Courtesy Image of Virna Manattini | SUI CONFINI | ON BOUNDARIES.

This exhibition helps to consider other points of view and different ways of seeing, which challenge our own and question it from the depths through observations and reflections that help to redefine the boundaries of where we live, where we work, and where we are with others and with ourselves. How can we relate to borders to be respected, broken or crossed?

Tip: Walk along boundaries that deserve attention.


Artists on display:  Laura Alongi, Alessandra Barzi, Giuseppe Betrò, Antonio Bettiol, Donatella Canaider, Francesca Cevolotto, Silvia Crosato, Roberta Cuzzolin, Maddalena Fanti, Manuela Gennburg, Marcello Marotto, Mario Mattiuzzo, Francesco Nola, Maria Novello, Elisabetta Perrone, Marcello Pezzé, Cristina Pillan, Viviana Piol, Gianna Piovesan, Emanuele Portelli, Paolo Pozzobon, Alberto Privitera, Graziano Rossetto, Teodoro Teodori, Stefano Tozzato, Massimo Vendrame, Laura Zago, Anna Zambon, Fabio Zardetto.

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