Belle oltre lo specchio | Beauty Beyond The Mirror


Courtesy Image by Ernesto Jobin | Beauty Beyond The Mirror

From 05/12/2021 to 08/01/2022
Spazio Rizzato per l’Arte Contemporanea (Rizato Space For Contemporary Art) – Square Silva 65, 36035 Marano Vicentino (VI) with access from the main entrance of Ottica Rizzato (first floor) 
Free entrance. 
Green Pass required.
Cured by: “Associazione Raggio di Sole ODV” and “Spazio Rizzato”
Promoted by: Associazione Raggio di Sole ODV

Recommended to: photography, portrait, and contemporary photography enthusiasts, those interested in investigating the issues involving women facing the difficult journey of cancer treatment and the confrontation with the idea of modern beauty that they bear throughout this condition; those who want to investigate the lively, beauty-filled gaze of those who dare to fight.

December 14, 2021.

The exhibition, inaugurated on December 5, 2021, will continue until  January 8, 2022, in “Spazio Rizzato” rooms, located on the first floor of the Ottica Rizzato building in Piazza Silva in Marano Vicentino. The initiative is promoted by Associazione Raggio di Sole ODV con il patrocinio del comune di with the patronage of the municipality of Marano Vicentino.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Ottica Rizzato’s museum in Spazio Rizzato
Courtesy Image by Spazio Rizzato

Spazio Rizzato began its journey in 2014 in Marano Vicentino (VI), intending to provide a space for contemporary art and culture where citizens can come into contact with an alternative artistic reflection for a different point of view the future. This space aims to continue the commitment that OTTICA RIZZATO has always promoted, through its corporate philanthropy, to actively support creativity and contemporary heritage in a broader concept of art that involves figurative arts, new media, design, theater, performance, and poetry. The entire first floor of the historic building where Ottica Rizzato is based is now dedicated to cultural activities and entrusted to Gabriele Cavedon, heir of the Rizzato family.  

“Beauty Beyond The Mirror” photographic exhibition exposes twelve snapshots by Ernesto Jobin, realized in collaboration with Coffee Look (Styling), Antonella De Pretto (oncology beautician), supported by Glamour, Kino Movies, Emmesse Automobili, Model Wood, Fibox Ondulati, Munari wine & more, DueZeta, Prospettiva Diritto e Studio Sator.

Courtesy Image by Spazio Rizzato | Beauty Beyond The Mirror.

The project aims to investigate the possible forms in which body images manifest themselves in contemporary society, breaking the mold by going beyond the image seen in the mirror’s reflection. The focus on the change, on the way we perceive and feel our own body, and how we believe others see it is filtered through the experience of women undergoing cancer treatment. This particular situation places people in a continuous confrontation between what they were during the treatment process and opens questions about how they were before and what they’ve become.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Beauty Beyond The Mirror.

This narrowing of the field gives new meaning to the concept of female body image and the different forms in which it can manifest itself. The portraits of women experiencing this situation are presented as different examples of femininity and beauty for collective awareness and the creation of new reference models. 

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Beauty Beyond The Mirror.

The specific slant given to this investigation has helped avoid dispersing it in empty rhetoric. Jobin’s works have succeeded in capturing the body image of these women and immortalizing their different personalities and the changes they are experiencing on their skin, highlighting their overall beauty
Inside the exhibition space, a video includes some backstage moments of the photoshoot, which animates the photos by providing a context for them and underlines the attention and care that the professionals involved in this initiative have put into their creation.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Beauty Beyond The Mirror.

These photos were the starting point for a calendar project for 2022. The proceeds from the sales of this charity initiative will be entirely donated to the Associazione Raggio di Sole ODV and used to finance new initiatives within it. In addition, Claudia Guido, president of the Raggio di Sole non-profit organization, said that this calendar is “a gift that we want to dedicate to our members who are facing the difficult treatment path. A cuddle for the soul, a delicate attention”.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Beauty Beyond The Mirror.

This initiative is an important first step towards developing an interest in this issue and drawing the citizens’ attention to the situation in which these people and their families find themselves. Furthermore, the proposal to create a new sensitivity and a new perception of body image and non-standardized femininity brings these photographic works into the mainstream of contemporary thinking.

Courtesy Image by Associazione Raggio di Sole

Associazione Raggio di Sole is a non-profit ODV association founded and strongly desired by Lucia Trecco for all those who, like her, are affected by an oncological disease and have often found themselves managing and overcoming trials and difficult moments. The association is made of volunteers and has been working in the municipality of Marano Vicentino and the surrounding area since 1996. 
Through the commitment of volunteers, Raggio di Sole aims to help people affected by cancer and their families by providing social and psychological support.

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