Non(A)rte di Giuliano Piccininno

Not(A)rt By Giuliano Piccininno

Courtesy Image by Qu.Bi Gallery | Not(A)rt by Giuliano Piccininno.

From 04/12/2021 To 24/12/2021  
Street Antonio Fogazzaro, 21 36100 Vicenza (VI)
Free entrance
Green Pass Required
Organized by: Qu. Bi Gallery & VenetArt
Recommended to: Comics lovers of all ages; Satire enthusiasts; Art lovers in general. 

Novembre 8, 2021

The exhibition, inaugurated on December 3 evening, will continue until Christmas Eve in the exhibition rooms of Qu.Bi Gallery in Route Fogazzaro, Vicenza
This is a solo exhibition of Giuliano Piccininno, an Italian teacher, scriptwriter, and cartoonist. After thirty years of presence in Vicenza’s area, teaching and promoting the reading of images, he exhibits a selection of works from his portfolio composed during his forty-year national and international artistic career.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Not(A)rt by Giuliano Piccininno.

The exhibition takes place in the gallery’s three rooms, on the second floor of the building at number twenty-one of Route Fogazzaro. The works, created using various techniques, are displayed alongside the gallery’s walls at the proper distance from each other so that they can be enjoyed individually while still giving the possibility of an overall view of the exhibits next to the one you’re looking to. By taking a single step backward, the works displayed next to them are brought within one’s field of vision, underlining the existence of a relationship between them stemming from their artistic authorship.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Not(A)rt by Giuliano Piccininno.

The artworks are applied to black cards that create a frame alongside the whole work, highlighting them and detaching them from the white walls. All the pieces presented are interspersed with explanatory captions that make this artist’s skills in many artistic techniques even clearer.

The impact of the study of fine arts on Giuliano Piccininno‘s training can be seen in specific references, quotations, and inspirations that the artist reworks through his illustrations, which come from artistic and literary masterpieces from the recent and past.

Courtesy by Virna Manattini | Not(A)rt by Giuliano Piccininno.

The variety of styles and artistic techniques proposed in this personal exhibition gives back the artistic stature of this person, who proudly claims that his work falls within the sphere of comics and applied art. The possibility of seeing the sketches up close, side by side with the finished and published work, makes it possible to delve into the thinking behind the creation of the comic strip, helping to understand the facets of this applied art.

Courtesy by Virna Manattini | Not(A)rt by Giuliano Piccininno.
Courtesy Image by Qu.Bi Gallery

Qu.Bi Gallery has set up a bookshop at the exhibition’s entrance that sells the display’s catalog edited by Nero Cromo or a selection of prints made especially for the occasion.

Another exciting initiative is the realization of an envelope containing four postcards, each containing an illustration of the artist with a festive theme! 

This year, you can stand out from others with your seasonal greetings; why don’t you take advantage of it?

This is an opportunity to gather many works that are already known thanks to Giuliano Piccininno‘s professional publications, spread internationally. The artistic figure that emerges allows those simply curious to approach the world of comics as art and not just as “entertainment.” 

Tip: Watch out for the details!


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