Scipione’s Dream 

Courtesy Image by Qu.Bi Gallery | Lorenzo Puglisi. Il sogno di Scipione

From 23/10/2021 To 28/11/2021  
Villa Caldogno – Via Zanella, 3 36030 Caldogno (VI)
Price: entrance to both the villa and the temporary expositions 3-5€.
Green Pass required.
Curated by: Qu.Bi Gallery.

Recommended to: contemporary art enthusiasts, Lorenzo Puglisi’s works lovers, historic buildings and villas enthusiasts, Art lovers in general.

November 27, 2021.

This personal Lorenzo Puglisi‘s exhibition was inaugurated on October 23rd and prolonged till November 28th.
The author was born in Biella, but he now lives in Bologna. His works have been exposed in group and solo exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. Lately, Puglisi’s work has been focused on realizing big dichromate canvases that filter masterpieces through his personal iconography. 

Courtesy image by Virna Manattini | Villa Caldogno’s view from Scipione’s hall to Central hall

Villa Caldogno hosts the display. This Palladian villa is located in Caldogno city center and is often used for artistic and cultural events. Recently, the villa’s basement underwent a remarkable restoration that has brought back to light the ancient 16th-century domestic channeling water system and the pre-existing medieval walls.

Courtesy image by Qu. Bi Gallery

The installation by Lorenzo Puglisi. Il sogno di Scipione (Scipione’s dream) was curated by Qu.bi Gallery. This gallery, which has formed a strong partnership with Villa Caldogno, took care of everything that regarded the display, from planning and installation to signage, publications, graphics, and the event website design. 

The staff was well trained and helpful; this provided us with a functional and pleasant visiting experience.

The exhibition begins in the basement, where the artist’s tiniest works have been placed in such a way that gives individual visibility to each one. The basement structure supports the underlying atmosphere of his work, as this place is a dark space by definition and the illuminated areas stand firmly out. In this empty space, the light on his paintings underlines the vision he applies in his research, in which, through the past’s masterpieces, he creates a synthesis of their most profound elements. The white brushstrokes, which illuminate the black canvas, generate a sense of suspension of time and space in the viewer. This feeling is enhanced by the light and the ancient walls that characterize the basement spaces.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Lorenzo Puglisi. Il sogno di Scipione.

When you move to the main floor of the palace, you move from darkness to light. The configuration of the central hall is such that you find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of light. The second part of the exhibition consists of large canvases in which the artist rethinks the past’s masterpieces. Great curatorial work has been done to establish a direct dialogue between the themes of Puglisi‘s paintings and those of the frescoes in the villa’s rooms, stimulating the visitor’s curiosity to research the reason behind any locational choice. This way, not only can you see the artist’s work closely, but it also deepens your understanding of the villa itself. In each of the frescoed rooms, the shift to the duotone of Puglisi’s paintings creates a connection of meanings that remains with the viewer even after he/she has left the splendor of this Palladian residence.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Lorenzo Puglisi. Il sogno di Scipione.

The solo exhibition presented here does justice to the work of this great artist and highlights his style through a solid chromatic contrast with the space that hosts it.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Lorenzo Puglisi. il sogno di Scipione.

Tip: Watch Lorenzo Puglisi’s works up close. It will give you a unique emotion.


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Classificazione: 4.5 su 5.

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