The Festival that celebrates women in contemporary arts. 

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Women for Freedom‘s Installation

Contemporary art display. 

Cosa vuoi da me? (What Do You Want From Me?) 

Photography exhibition. 

Dalle Donne, per le Donne. (From Women, For Women.)

From 19/11/2021 to 28/11/2021
Palazzo Bonaguro – Via Angarano 77, 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Free entrance. 
Green Pass Required. 
Curated by:  Association Women for Freedom
Promoted by: Association Women for Freedom 

Recommended for: contemporary art, video art, or graphic art enthusiasts, those interested in discovering the possibility of redemption and rebirth for all women who have suffered any kind of abuse, and the ones who want to know more about the associations working in this field. 

November 25, 2021

The Festival takes place over 10 days within the municipalities of Bassano del Grappa, Nove, Marostica and San Giorgio in Bosco. The opening is carried out through the composition of the installation Women For Freedom, created by Art School of Nove’s students.

Courtesy Image by Women For Freedom | Liberamenti

The program of this festival is remarkable for both the vastness of the proposals, suitable for everyone, and for the coherence with which the various experiences have been chosen and coordinated. 

Palace Bonaguro hosts some exhibitions that can be visited for the entire duration of the festival: two photographic exposure Women For Freedom by Linda Scuizzato, Nicola Zolin and From Women, For Women by Raffaella Bordini, a collection of concrete poetry Concrete Freedom curated by BBDB Studio di Bassano del Grappa, a contemporary art display What Do You Want From Me? courtesy by Costenaro Assicurazioni, a room with red shoes and a space where you can take pictures and suggestive selfies.

Courtesy Image by CivicMuseum of Bassano del Grappa | Bonaguro’s Palace

Palace Bonaguro is one of the four civic museums that hosts the event; it is located in Bassano del Grappa and preserves ancient and recent natural history collections. These collections grew through gifts and bequests from famous Bassano’s citizens, with the starter being Gianbattista Brocchi in 1828.

The palace dates back to the 15th century and was commissioned by the Venetian Veggia family. The enrichment of the palace is a consequence of the passage between Venetian families from the 17th to the 20th century.

The two exhibitions promoted by Women for Freedom revolve around the issues of gender-based violence, violence against women, and investigate the fragility of this particular condition. Among the many expositions that can be found inside the palace, two have particularly caught my attention because of their exhibition style and how the themes are explored:

What Do You Want From Me? is an installation located at the palace entrance. It presents itself as a wall covered in boxes, each containing an intense and robust “voice” of the students of De Fabris art high school of Nove.

The exhibition was promoted by Ivano Costerano done in collaboration with teacher Adriana Sasso and professor Guzzo. They offered the pupils of the fourth and fifth grades the opportunity to investigate the theme of “intergender violence” then realize their ideas inside a Cavit wooden box. The results are so highly expressive to create an innovative symbolism worthy of the highest artistic production.

Courtesy Image by Adelaide Favere | a part of What Do You Want From Me‘s exhibition

From Women, For Women is a photographic exhibition curated by Raffaella Bordini, displayed on the palace’s main floor. The work proposed here is an investigation into the condition of abused women and a denunciation of this situation. The images exhibited are accompanied by phrases and poems that evoke and deepen the theme under investigation. These photos’ expressiveness and artistic quality are at the highest level, so much so they can create an empathic bond even in the most distracted observers.

Courtesy Image from Women For Freedom Association

Women For Freedom Association has set up many projects worldwide to improve the situation of women and children living in extreme conditions. The realization of this first edition of the festival aims to raise awareness on the issue of violence against women and children. The presence of several videos in the exhibition helps to understand the projects promoted by the association and the motivations that have led many to undertake these projects. Several artists have contributed to the realization of the display. Another remarkable contribution is the one of Federico Buffa that offered himself to tell the story of Lily Thapa.

This festival promises to be full of exciting ideas and insights, promising to help create a society capable of protecting the weakest.

Tip: book your place at the proposed events. Believe me; it’s worth it.


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