Courtesy Image by Montecchio Maggiore City | Vite Vintage.

From 23/10/2021 To 24/10/2021
Giulliet’s castel – Street Castelli 4 Martiri, Montecchio Maggiore (VI)
Organized by: Eventi WOM; Cuccagna – Sapori al Castello; Romeo’s and Juliet’s castle

Recommended for: Happy hour with friends.

24 October, 2021

This festival, organized by WOM in collaboration with Cuccagna- Sapori al Castello and Romeo’s and Juliet’s castle in Montecchio Maggiore city wants to be a festival characterized by its historical and natural settings. Decored in a retro style that promotes and supports wineries located in the Agno and Chiampo valleys. (Vite vintage)

Courtesy Image by Matteo Guerra | Vite Vintage.

The event takes place inside the Bellaguardia Castle – Castle of Juliet. This ancient fortress began its life approximately in the year 1000. With the “Scaligeri” occupation, particularly with “Cangrande II Della Scala,” the fortification and reconstruction of the previously present mura began, accompanied by the integration of a second castle. Nowadays, unfortunately, just the two fortresses survive. The evident decay of these last two mentioned buildings is an apparent sign of the numerous dominations of the area; these led to an awful deterioration of these castles, which in 1742 were bought for 200 Ducati and restored by the town of Montecchio Maggiore.

Image Courtesy by Virna Manattini | Vite Vintage.

“Vite Vintage” made us taste a great selection of wines to a big part of the local population in a location that seems to come straight up from a fairytale.
The possibility to attend the event not having Green Pass was included and has undoubtedly widened the participation. Even considering my previous statement, anty COVID19 measures were enacted and respected.
According to the event’s theme, the castle’s courtyard, which hosts a well-reviewed restaurant, was magnificently settled up. Everything was placed to guarantee an excellent experience for everyone joining the venue.

Courtesy Image Matteo Guerra | Vite Vintage.

The staff was well trained to cope with a significant inflow of participants and smoothly addressed every customer request.
The wine choice was of good quality, diversified and perfect for encountering any taste. The promotion of these different types of wines was done by some hoardings in which every characteristic of any kind of wine was specified, from the name of the winery to the
peculiar aspects of the aging process, including the place of origin and the alcoholic strength.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Vite Vintage.

There was just one cash register in which you could buy drinks, food. The staff at the register also organized the “return system,” basically, you had to return your glass after you had completed tasting your pouches, but thanks to the well-trained staff of the place, everything went smoothly.

Courtesy Image by Matteo Guerra | Vite Vintage.

The purchase of anything was allowed just by using “tokens”, a kind of “made-up currency” used throughout the event.
The choice of keeping the music on loudly helped to keep a lively atmosphere but created some discomfort in the zone in which the sommeliers were pouring wine.

Courtesy Image by Matteo Guerra | Vite vintage.

Overall, this is a lovely event to go and taste a good selection of wines with family, friends, relatives, and even your family pet in a breathtaking location.

Tip: Bring a jacket and a good company!


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