NEWS. Dai Romantici a Segantini | From Romantics To Segantini

Storie di lune e poi di sguaTALES OF MOONS AND MOUNTAINS

Courtesy Image by Linea d’ombra | Dai Romantici a Segantini.

January 29, 2022– June 05, 2022
Centro San Gaetano – via Altinate, 71 35100 Padova (PD)
Cured by di Marco Goldin
Artworks of the Fondazione Oskar Reinhart
Organized by Linea d’ombra in collaboration with Padova municipality.
Reinforced Green Pass required

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The exhibition, which is a completely new format for Italy, is based on the marvellous collection held by the Oskar Reinhart Foundation, part of the network of the Kunst Museum in Winterthur, one of the most interesting art centres in the Swiss Confederation. Belonging to a wealthy merchant family, Oskar Reinhart (1885 – 1965) was the youngest son of Theodor, himself very interested in collecting.

Almost thirty years ago, superb quality selection travelled to some of the major American and European museums, from the County Museum in Los Angeles to the Metropolitan in New York, from the Nationalgalerie in Berlin to the National Gallery in London. And never moved again since.

Therefore, it is exceptional that today, almost three decades after that prestigious international tour, 75 works from the Oskar Reinhart Foundation can come to Padova. Starting with the works of romanticism in Germany, with its major exponents from Friedrich to Runge and Dahl. Among other things, the collection includes five wonderful paintings by Friedrich, the true father of Romanticism, all of which are present in Padova.

Seven thematic sections will enable the visitors to find their way around the Swiss and German art of the 19th century. A journey through painting styles that goes from the striking modernity of Caspar Wolf’s Alpine landscapes at the end of the 18th century to Segantini. In between, a true adventure of form and colour, with sublime views of nature and equally significant portraits. There are also genuine monographic sections such as those dedicated to Böcklin and Hodler, through to German Impressionism and the new, Franchising colours of Swiss painters such as Cuno Amiet and Giovanni Giacometti, in their enchanted valley in the mountains around Maloja.

The entrance is submitted to the payment of a ticket. Booking services


the project


The new, major exhibition in Padua, Dai Romantici a Segantini (From Romantics to Segantini), realised thanks to a collaboration between the cities Municipality and Linea D’Ombra, is the first chapter of a new, wide-ranging exhibition project, conceived by Marco Goldin
and structured in several successive exhibitions. Its overall title is Geographies of Europe. The web of painting between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A vast artistic and historical scenario will give an account of the painting situation in Europe throughout the 19th and part of the 20th century, according to a national division or in contiguous areas.

While this project will highlight territorial specificities, it will also provide a perfect understanding of the relationships between the different national figurative cultures, especially until the early 20th century. Painters travelled and went to places where modernity was advancing. From the Barbizon forest to Paris, the various academies from Vienna to Munich, the great capitals and places where art had given its best over the centuries. In this sense, Italy continued to play a privileged role, if only to think of the many names of those who travelled to the Bel Paese, or even lived there, from Turner to Corot, from Manet to Böcklin, from Monet to Renoir, and we could go on at length with the suggestions.

The individual exhibitions will always examine, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, by individual nation or geographical area, those periods in which the art of the different areas had offered the highest results. In other words, those times, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, in which painting had shown itself capable of overcoming the customs of the past.

In Marco Goldin‘s mind, this exhibition project stems from the ongoing fascination with his more than twenty years’ study of 19th-century art in Europe and the rest of the world, which led to his very recent and successful book, Il Giardino e la Luna. Arte dell’Ottocento dal romanticismo all’impressionismo (The garden and the moon. Nineteenth-Century Art from Romanticism to Impressionism) written for La nave di Teseo publishing house. A vast fresco on nineteenth-century painting, with all the possible connections between the various nations involved.

Courtesy Image by Linea d’ombra | Dai Romantici a Segantini.

Padova will now have the first exhibition of the cycle, something absolutely new for the Italian public, which will find itself involved within the confines of a marvellous story, made up of enchanted landscapes and unforgettable portraits. But the exhibition itself is also aimed at introducing the starting point of art in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century, namely Romanticism. This is why Germany is at the centre of this exhibition, together with Switzerland with which it shares, at least in part of the century, similar intentions, especially in terms of realism. Obviously, there is no shortage of distinctions, since it is precisely Switzerland, between the 19th and 20th centuries, with some enchanting painters, from Hodler to Segantini, who came from Italy, that shows how it is more open to the new.

Organised by Linea d’ombra in collaboration with the municipality of Padua. Curatorship by Marco Goldin.

The entrance is submitted to the payment of a ticket. Booking services

Courtesy Image by Linea d’ombra | Dai Romantici a Segantini.


Monday to Friday: 9-13.30 – 14.30-18

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Closed on Tuesday


The entrance is submitted to the payment of a ticket. Booking services


Centro San Gaetano via Altinate, 71 Padova (PD)

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In the exhibition areas of Centro San Gaetano, an ultra-modern air conditioning system has just been installed, which ensures that the air is constantly filtered and exchanged.

Wear it correctly, covering your nose and mouth, throughout your stay at San Gaetano Centre.

Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made up to one hour before the visit.


On leaving the exhibition you will find our bookshop with the exhibition catalogue, Marco Goldin’s new book, ll Giardino e la Luna. Arte dell’Ottocento dal Romanticismo (The Garden and The Moon. Nineteenth-Century Art from Romanticism to Impressionism) and all the exhibition merchandising.

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On the ground floor of the Centro San Gaetano an excellent cafeteria-restaurant awaits you where you can enjoy a rich menu for breakfast, lunch or snacks at the counter.

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Guided tours are conducted with the aid of a microphone with disposable earphones, included in the cost of the guided tour.

AUDIOGUIDE – A great story by Marco Goldin dedicated to the exhibition.

Adults € 6,50
Kids € 4,50

The price includes a disposable headset. Available by reservation and directly at the exhibition.

For booking tickets.


Linea d’ombra

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UFFICIO STAMPA – Studio Esseci di Sergio Campagnolo

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Something absolutely unprecedented for Italian audiences, who will find themselves involved within the confines of a marvellous story, made up of enchanting landscapes and unforgettable portraits.

Linea d’ombra
Dai Romantici a Segantini.

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