WHY Discordarte…

Courtesy Image of Virna Manattini | Finestra

DiscordArte is an online page in which you can discover discordant artistic/cultural experiences. 

I’ve been on a quest to find enjoyable experiences for friends and families till the Covid-19 outbreak, which has forced me to live in a relatively small apartment with few windows from which I could see the sky. 

As soon as the end of the restrictions on cultural venues was declared, I immediately restarted participating at events and exhibition openings.

The sudden lockdown in which the planet found itself sparked in me a strong need for artistic and cultural content. The possibility of participating at online exhibitions and events, often for free, has made many people approach this world.

Now that the restriction period seems to be ending, I have gone back to visit and experience exhibitions, museums, fairs, and events that have proved themselves to be very interesting and engaging. My desire to fully understand and remember my experiences has always led me to write short reviews of what I have seen and assimilated there. These articles have always remained in memories of my PCs or inside my notebooks, as they were devoted to my learning and also to my role of “trying experiences to report those to others.”

With the opening of DiscordArtE, I want to share my experiences with those interested in initiating a conversation and exchanging insights and knowledge.

I have dragged Sara Ghirelli along on this journey as my translator, but I hope to add more names soon.

Courtesy Image of Virna Manattini | Window

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