Courtesy Image by Matteo Guerra | Cansiglio Forest

Pian del Cansiglio, Tembre Belluno
Free parking spot for cars and motorcycles.
Bus ride available during the summer season.
Camper Parking area 12€ per night

Recommended for: families, nature and wildlife enthusiasts, trekking lovers, photographers, and people that need to unload their everyday life stress.
My visiting period: 30/10/2021 – 01/11/2021

Recommended visiting period: May – September

October 30, 2021

Altopiano del Cansiglio is an plateau of Carniche Prealps, placed between the provinces of Belluno, Treviso and Pordenone, in its central part is built from three hollows: Pian del Cansiglio, Valmenera e Cornesega, where the lowest altitude is 898 m. The surrounding mountains have an altitude of around 1300 m except in correspondence of Mount Millifeet (1577m), Mount Pizzoc (1565m), and Mount Croseraz (1694m).
The main grooves are in the north Campon (1050m) and Crosetta (1118m) in the south.

Courtesy Image by Matteo Guerra | Cansiglio Forest

Altopiano del Cansiglio is known for its centuries-old forest (Bosco da Reme di San Marco), once Venetian Republic’s property, which has used the forest’s beech trees to build oars for its strong navy; and now it is State Property.
The forest is predominantly composed of beech trees that impress visitors with their columnar stems, height, and spectacular leaf colors that change according to the season. The present wildlife supports the vegetation’s remarkable impact: roe deer, fallow deer, and deer are the most significant part of the wildlife, Lynxes and brown bears are rarely seen.

This upland has a lot of trekking pathways and highlights, which are part of an “open-air museum” that integrates proper museums, cultural heritage, and naturalistic aspects of the territory. The project of this “open-air museum” is coordinated by Unione Montana Alpago, the municipality of Chies d’Alpago, Tambre, and Alpago, and it’s realized thanks to the contribution of Consorzio BIM Piave and with the help of some institutions and private realities.

Courtesy Image by Matteo Guerra | Cansiglio Forest
Courtesy Image by Veneto Agricoltura

To further appreciate this experience, Veneto Agricoltura has created a graphically unique website that satisfies different needs. The identification of routes that have similar features but can interest different users is interestingly made.
Long being interested in photography, I have enjoyed the “Romantic Path” that leads the user to discover some breath-taking panoramic viewpoints and immerses you into the forests’ nature. Indeed, the “Funny Route” is attractive: a path that passes through some museums and a botanical garden. Unfortunately, that route was closed when I visited (October), so we will go back to try and enjoy that path. Despite our good intentions, we couldn’t finish the “Energy Path” due to bad weather.

Courtesy Image by Matteo Guerra | Cansiglio Forest

This experience is kindly suggested to anybody who wants to discover a little treasure chest full of great initiatives that can make you forget your stressful everyday life.

Suppose you want to experience Cansiglio and its attractions fully. In that case, I suggest you to plan your trip between May and September because, outside this period, all the attractions, including the indoor ones, are closed.

Tip: have your camera always at your fingertips, and follow the Alpago museums FB page.


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Follow your curiosity!

To know the opening and the events in the museums that are part of The Alpago “open-air” Museum check the website



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