From 04/09/2021 to 03/10/2021
Villa Caldogno – Via Zanella, 3 36030 Caldogno (VI)
Price: entrance to both the villa and the temporary expositions 3-5€.
Green Pass required.
Curated by: Qu.Bi Gallery.

Recommended to: Comics, Veneto’s landscapes, and art lovers.

September 6, 2021

The exposition takes place from the 4th of September to the 3rd of October. It represents the conclusion of the combined work of several people and institutions, which was designed to promote Veneto’s territory using an unusual narrative such as the comic book one.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | Central Hall’s Villa Caldogno

Villa Caldogno hosts the display. This Palladian villa is located in Caldogno city center and is often used for artistic and cultural events. This exposition can be found in the basement of the villa, where a recent restoration has brought back to light the ancient 16th-century domestic channeling water system and the pre-existing medieval walls.

Courtesy Image by Qu. Bi Gallery

The exhibition Il Veneto Visto Dalle Nuvole (Veneto Seen From The Clouds) was curated by Gallery. This gallery, which has formed a strong partnership with Villa Caldogno, took care of everything that regarded the display, from planning and installation to signage, publications, graphics, and the event website design.

The staff was well trained and helpful; this provided us with a functional and pleasant visiting experience.

Courtesy image by Virna Manattini | Central Hall’s Villa Caldogno

The exhibition begins with the province of Vicenza, the municipality that hosts the event, and the city from which the hosted comic clubs are.
At the beginning of each province, a short banner presented the province itself and showed a list of cities covered by the exposed illustrations.

The artworks had all the same sizes; some were colored, others were in black and white. The paintings were all applied onto black panels, which made the artwork pleasant to see also for the guests who aren’t accustomed to this particular kind of graphic design.
You can immediately notice the diversity of styles that distinguishes each author and the presence of both the best-known names and the ones of amateur artists placed upon the many interesting and successfully made productions. This emphasizes how well the event was felt at several levels.

Courtesy image by Virna Manattini | Veneto Seen Form the Clouds.

Interesting is the usage of “stumbling danger” warning signs written in Venetian dialect and copies of road signs with a blue background to indicate turns in the route and changes of the province. An interesting thing found in the exhibition is the change of the signposts, once you arrive to see the Venetian part of the display, as it’s a city known to be swarming with exciting views and authors. Venice’s iconic yellow background signposts, found in the “campi” and “sestrieri” of the lagoon city, have been applied inside the display giving directions to and from the train station or St Mark’s Square.
At the end of the exhibition, a catalog was made available to the public. This catalog is published by Nero Cromo, the editorial project of Qu.Bi Gallery, includes a complete overview of authors and works accompanied by some introductory presentations of the people who made this possible, buyable at a tremendously reasonable price.

Courtesy Image by Vink | Veneto Seen From The Clouds.

This project has undoubtedly helped raise awareness of a long-lived reality in the comics sector of the province of Vicenza, also to people not in the industry. In addition, it makes you approach aspiring artists. It also offers something to think of to the people that need inspiration.

Tip: Get a catalog and orient yourself following the provinces.


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Classificazione: 4 su 5.

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