list of good intentions

January 29, 2022

Previously in our article List of new year’s Goals (our Bucket list), we shared our wish to write only something about the events and exhibitions we could to attend.

In this world, however, we realised that we would also like to do justice to the proposals that we are offered every day. Many initiatives starting in this “restart “period have captured our interest.


We decided to give space on our Blog to some of the initiatives that fall within our selection. Of all the events we are notified of every day, some are Discordant.


You know those novelties that move you as soon as you hear them, leaving you stunned or bringing a smile to your face? That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in DiscordArtE.

Image courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

A couple of times a week, we will start to share the press release with all the necessary information to visit the exhibitions with some explanations of the main point of interest of the events that we have managed to find or that have been sent us.

Inside each press release is everything that is important to know and understand before participating. Some of them will have their own translation in English because the institution promoting the event has moved in this direction. On the other hand, others will be translated into Italian from a foreign language because those promoting them will have considered another language as more important.

Courtesy Image of Dom J. | Photo by Dom J on

So, the second point on the list is the opening of a page dedicated to news about the world of events, either ongoing or coming to an end. This new page will be divided into several sections that the DiscordArtE team will constantly update.

We also want to give a shot to those events that, due to our impossibility, we were unable to visit and experience before their closure. Opportunities that deserve to be shared on our platform and that can contribute to the weaving of a network of professionals that is beginning to form.

Courtesy Image of Virna Manattini | The Shift Of Generations.

We will also report on these new features by sharing them on our social channels. We will certainly collect suggestions through these profiles as well.

Do not hesitate, write to us!!

With this second point, we’re continuing to tick off our List of Good Intentions….

How are you getting on with yours?

Courtesy Image of ProLocoCivicaMestre | Torre dell’orologio

«It feels good to laugh again.»

Divergent. Cap. 8
Graphic Project by Michele Ricciardi


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