Ingranaggi della mente | Gears of the mind by Patrizia Coccon Kovacs

Courtesy Image by Qu. Bi Gallery & VenetArt | INGRANAGGI DELLA MENTE di Patrizia Cococn Kovacs

From 29/01/2021 to 26/02/2022 
Via Antonio Fogazzaro, 21 36100 Vicenza (VI)
Free entrance.
Green Pass required
Organized by: Qu.Bi Gallery & VenetArt Bi Gallery & VenetArt
Recommended to: Lovers of CONTEMPORARY ART; Passionate about contaminations between styles and experiences; Curious about emerging artists.

February 3, 2022.

The exhibition, inaugurated on January 29, will continue until February 26, 2022, in the exhibition halls of Qu.Bi Gallery in Corso Fogazzaro in Vicenza. This is Patrizia Coccon Kovacs’ first solo display. The exhibition takes place in the gallery’s three rooms, on the second floor of the building at number twenty-one in Corso Fogazzaro in Vicenza

Courtesy Image by Ghirelli Sara | Entrata Qu.Bi gallery, Corso Fogazzaro

Patrizia Coccon Kovacs is an eclectic self-taught artist. Her art is a combination of various techniques defined by the many artistic experiences she has had along the way. She illustrated short stories and collections of various publications, including Piccola Bolla by Silvia Paganini, published with the Vicenza-based publishing house Caosfera. She has exhibited in small solo and group exhibitions inside Veneto, including the International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Venezia Project 2011” and at the Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista in Venice. During the summer of 2021, she exhibited one of her paintings in the exhibition Lacerazioni held at the Temporary Art Gallery in Asiago.

Del mio dondolio
il cambiamento endogeno

è affar d’orologio.
Fingo interesse

From La quieta solitudine della gravitazione
Paolo Gidoni
Courtesy Image of Virna Manattini | INGRANAGGI DELLA MENTE di Patrizia Cococn Kovacs

INGRANAGGI DELLA MENTE (Gears Of The Mind) is Patrizia Coccon Kovacs’ first solo exhibition. The exhibition aims to reveal the pieces that make up the uniqueness of the human ego, camouflaged in the compact backgrounds in which the outside world is shown. The gears in motion underline the internal dynamics of an individual in search of the substance of his/hers identity but which on the outside seems to be apparently immobile, immersed in the social world. The set of all external messages, simplistic but suggestive, attract complex and particular people, placing them in a situation of continuous confrontation-clash between the social world and their own identity. The conflictual situation allows an ongoing contamination between inside and outside, highlighting the individual’s unintended effects on social relations.

The comparison is also reported and presented within the exhibition through the juxtaposition of the work to its printed reproduction. In addition, having duplicated the work of art in the setting recalls the loss of uniqueness of the work of art due to its technical reproducibility, as theorized by Walter Benjamin. 
The works exhibited by Patrizia Coccon Kovacs are very different from each other. In the rooms on the left, they are small in size but full of details and have been accompanied by their enlarged reproduction by means of printing. The creations are displayed along the walls at the right distance so that they can be enjoyed, arousing in the visitor the sense of “distorted reflection” at the basis of this exhibition, and prodding his subconscious, stimulating him to identify differences and defects.

Courtesy Image by Virna Manattini | INGRANAGGI DELLA MENTE di Patrizia Cococn Kovacs

In the room on the right, a different series has been exhibited in terms of execution, medium and subject but which re-proposes if seen in its entirety, the theme of chasing time before time while standing still in space. Moving around the gallery puts the visitor in comparison with the artist’s eclectic production and allows them to fully grasp the potential and uniqueness of the work of art.

In INGRANAGGI DELLA MENTE (Gears Of The Mind) she brought herself to everyone’s knowledge: Patrizia Coccon Kovacs a person, born as artist, very interesting and worth discovering. The organizations involved have set out to stir the intimate of the people who relate to the artist’s works. By comparing the works created and their reproductions, dialogues are triggered, dialogues that help restore uniqueness to the artist’s work as they are derived from the same creative hand. Through the use of different formats, on the other hand, the manifestation of the unintended effects of social relations, real billboards, on the individual, a small, unique and complex piece, is highlighted.

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Tip: If you are still searching for your identity, this exhibition is a good mirror in which to reflect.


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